Arvid is a 0-4-0 streamlined experimental modified E2 LNER tramway locomotive. He is Thomas' cousin.

Bio Edit

Arvid used to be a normal E2 locomotive like Thomas, however, he was a mountain engine. He had to quit being a mountain engine after he kept shunting the coaches down the hill; he was then sent to work with Edward. It wasn't until his cousin, Thomas, got his famed number one that Arvid got jealous. He reportedly tried scrapping him twice. Arvid was then sent away in disgrace to the mainland. He hadn't been seen for eight years.

Years later, Arvid's return had shocked the other engines. He was streamlined and was faster than Etienne. His top speed being 281kph. He was challenged by the three LNER engines. One of the LNER engines won while Arvid suffered a similar fate to how Gordon got streamlined. Arvid then was sent to the steamworks to be repaired once again.

Three days later, he was finally repaired. He kept his streamlining casing but gained a horn, side plates, a lower smokebox, a new coat of paint and most importantly, a number. He currently works on the mainland tramways.

Trivia Edit

  • Arvid is a modified 2014 Take-n-Play Thomas with extra detail.
  • Before Arvid came to be, he was originally going to be a scrap model.
  • Arvid's name was originally going to be Timothy.
  • He is currently in possession of Percythegreenengine.