This page is for cancelled episodes that were not named.

Culdee and Stephen Edit

Culdee arrives on Sodor, and Stephen greets him warmly. Culdee gets fixed by a mechanic, because his old railway was hopeless at fixing engines. Later, Donald gets so,etching stuck in his front wheel, and his Driver and Fireman try to get it out. But, a bad guy steals a rich man's cowboy outfit and his wig, then sets fire to something. Luckily, Culdee sees the fire, and gets Belle and Flynn.

Characters Edit

  • Donald
  • Spencer
  • Scruff
  • Stephen
  • Culdee
  • The Bad Guy
  • Belle (does not speak)
  • Flynn (does not speak)
  • The Rich Man (does not speak)
  • The Mechanic (does not speak)

Donald's Driver and Firemen also speak.

Trivia Edit

  • Culdee is on standard gauge rails