Cranky is a grumpy crane.

Bio Edit

When Brendam Docks' shipping company was expanding, they needed another crane, so Cranky came to Sodor. However, Cranky immediately felt hot, bothered and claustrophobic in the busy dockyard, so he took out his anger on the other engines, namely Thomas and Percy who were helping out from the Branch Line. When a storm arrived, Cranky managed to save Gordon, James, Duck, and the other big engines, who were stationed in a freight shed until further notice when the roof caved in, but not before Cranky toppled over onto the tracks in front of Thomas and Percy! The little engines helped the crane to be uprighted again, but Percy accidentally caused Cranky to topple over again when the crane seemed ungrateful for the little engines's actions. Since then, Cranky has been careful not to make fun of Thomas and Percy, but is still cranky all the same!