The Mid Sodor Railway was a 2'3" (Narrow Gauge) railway which operated from 1880 to 1947. Some parts of the line were later rebuilt for the 15" gauge Arlesdale Railway, but the majority of the line is still closed.

History Edit

After its opening, the Sodor and Mainland Railway promised to build a branch line from Cronk; but nothing more was said and in 1870 the people of Peel Godred decided that they would have to build their own railway.

At first, the people were in favour of a line running down the valley to Cronk. This would certainly have been the simplest and cheapest, but it would have meant having to build a junction with the Sodor and Mainland, which was steadily becoming bankrupt. It was considered too risky a manoeuvre and they searched for another route.

Engines Edit

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