Peter Sam (formely known as Stuart) is a kind narrow gauge engine.

Bio Edit

Origanlly, Peter Sam was named "Stuart", when he worked on the Mid-Sodor Railway with Duke, Falcon, and Fearless Freddie. When the line closed, he was purchased by the Skarloey Railway, and renamed "Peter Sam." During his stay, he has had a plethora of exciting adventures. He almost left a refreshment lady behind at a station, got into a nasty accident at the slate quarry, damaging his old funnel, and crashed into an icicle into a tunnel, causing the already loosened funnel to fall off (which was eventually replaced with a smart new giesel funnel!)

Later in his career, a line of trucks with leaves and broken branches broke away from him and fell off the Old Iron Bridge and into a ravine! The accident, unfortunately, got Peter Sam into a lot of trouble with The Fat Controller! He also found a new location for the Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop, finding an old coach that could be refurbished into a grand tea shop on wheels.