Sir Handel is a grumpy narrow-gauge engine.

Bio Edit

On the Mid-Sodor Railway, Falcon worked with Duke and Peter Sam (known as Stuart) for many years until their line was closed down. In the line's heyday, Falcon and Duke double-headed a passenger excursion over "The Mountain Road", and Falcon's recklessness caused him to hang precariously over the side of a cliff face. Duke came to his rescue, and Falcon is enamored by his elderly hero to this day. When Duke was found many years after Peter Sam and Sir Handel were purchased, Sir Handel was overjoyed.

On the Skarloey Line, Sir Handel had a variety of mis-adventures. He derailed himself on purpose to get out of quarry work, he inadvertantly caused a fully loaded train of slate trucks to pulverize Peter Sam when he pretended to be ill, and had a bit of a fiasco with George the Steamroller. After years of service, The Thin Controller decided it would be best to keep him at the quarry for a while as means of keeping the fiesty little engine under control. This decision has put a significant strain on their relationship for years to come.